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Located in Truckee, serving Lahontan, Schaffer’s Mill, and Martis Camp.

NXT LVL Home Care

A luxury home requires a caretaker to insure smooth functionality of your home whether you are home or away. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your home manager has a pulse on everything to do with your home, and continued maintenance keeps it in good order, and protects it from damage and repair.

We provide an array of premiere services that are unparalleled in the luxury home service market. Exclusively for Martis Camp residents.


We offer two types of home care to fit either the discrete silent service you need, to make sure your home stays maintained, clean and safe.

Or the custom tailored services of worry free care that you would expect from a prestigious gated community.

Please contact us to make arrangments for meeting your needs


Phone: 530.386.5882

“Truly the finest home manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with; she made my job easy, and our client’s life worry free”

— Jeff Masters, Masters Construction

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Premier Package

  • This is home care for those that wish to contact us before they arrive and after their stay. Clients call when services are needed and we will handle all of the details.
  • Pre- Arrival setting of your home; includes temperature, lights and specific details you discuss with us
  • House cleaning of unparalleled detail. Our cleaning staff are never rushed and will always exceed your expectations
  • In home Package delivery; from the Gatehouse, Concierge or the Lodge
  • Call when issues arrive and we handle everything that your builder normally would
  • Departure walk through and reports sent after each visit

Prestige Package

  • This level of care is for the clients who desire only to come to their homes and enjoy it worry free, all the time. Never having to be alerted or bothered by any issues of luxury home ownership. This level of care requires us to learn your likes and dislikes, level of involvement you desire, and for us to intimately know your home.
  • Full care and management of your home. We typically work directly with the builder to establish relationships with them and all of the subcontractors involved with your home. Allowing us to have detailed knowledge of every aspect and its function.
  • Weekly home inspection. We check on the home regardless of use, and check all mechanical equipment, lights, alarms, doors and grounds. House cameras and alarms checked daily, if equipped. Weekly inspection list and updates sent to the homeowner.
  • Make arrangements for yard care, window cleaning, pest control, snow removal and home maintenance.
  • Full concierge service: we will arrange anything you need from ski equipment, chef, personal assistant, errand running, massage therapist, to grocery shopping (additional charges may apply)
  • Pre-arrival and departure settings of your home; temperature, lighting, alarm and any pre-discussed needs or details.
  • Direct fulltime access to us should you need; decorations put up or stored, access granted to guests or service personnel, finding local services and reservations, or questions regarding anything to do with your home.




Phone: 530.386.5882

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